Payment Portal

Welcome to the Second Chance Payment Portal.

We are excited to now offer online payment processing!

In the Payment Portal you can:

  • Pay for your DUI program in full.
  • Make the initial payment on your agreement.
  • Make a payment on your account.
  • Pay a different amount. If the amount you want to pay is not listed, enter it into the Other Amount field. Make sure to enter an account to post the payment to in the next field.

Important Notice: Make Sure You Are Paying the Correct Amount

If you are not sure of the correct amount you need to pay, please DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT! Call the office at 510-792-4357 and verify the correct amount.


1. Refunds are difficult to process and could take up to 7 to 10 business days, so please make sure you are paying the correct amount today!

2. The name on the credit card MUST match the client name. We are not able to process credit cards from non-clients. Payments received that do not have matching names on the form and the credit card will be automatically refunded.

3. You can make one selection below in the Pay in Full, Initial Payment, and Payment on Account. Once the selection is made, the other payment buttons will be hidden. If you make a mistake, please reload the form.

Fast and Secure

Use a credit or debit card to make a secure payment for your DUI Program at Second Chance DUI.

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